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Day30 -Queen of the sensations Day30 -Queen of the sensations

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I hereby dub thee, Sir Hopeku of the Order of Pure Awesomeness. Your whole project has been stunning, and I think that everyone whos ear's have been graced with your music have become a better person (A guy can dream, right?). Anyway, beyond my musings of audio-inspired world peace and what not, I'd just like you to know that, You did a wicked job with this, and I hope to see alot more from you in the future.

P. S - I will absolutely get you an copy of my game when its done


pabouchard responds:

Sadly, there isn't any dub sections on newgrounds, So I had to put it in the ambient section.....By the way, i'm not done with dub music yet!

You will sure hear my further stuff, I can defenetly assure you i'm not done posting on newgrounds yet :)

Thanks for the encouragements, and i'd be honored to play your game when you're done!

Day28 - Dub motion Day28 - Dub motion

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, I'm speechless ...

Dude, I've just got to commend you on the unbelieveably incredible work your doing here. For the pass few months, I've been racking my brain trying to think of of a good soundtrack to pull together for a game project, I've been making. When I first heard Paradise Valley, I was stricken. These songs are perfect for my game, especially, Glorious Day, Long Walk to the End, This song and No walls just emptyness. Please, PLEASE, keep up the magnificent work!

pabouchard responds:

I hope that game is gonna be out soon !

Haha thanks buddy! ;)